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Rubber Tire Tanks

Energy Free Rubber Water Tanks

With energy free rubber water tanks, you don't have to worry about heating your tanks except maybe in extremely harsh winter cold snaps. Drink holes are custom cut into the top of the tire for your livestock to drink from. Up to 4 holes can be placed in any position to suit your particular needs. These tanks are available from 6' to 11' wide.

Energy Free Rubber Water Tanks

Regular Rubber Water Tanks

Our water tanks with open tops can be covered with a homemade cover or left open. The valve assembly can also be covered with an insulated box to prevent freezing and keep cattle away from it.

Rubber Tire Water Tanks

Sealing the Bottom

There are three basic ways to seal the bottom of these rubber tanks.

Steel Plates - Putting a steel plate bottom in a tire tank is a PERFECT way to seal the bottom and make the tire tank portable at the same time. The plates have a handy hook in the center for ease of movement. They are more expensive than concrete.

Concrete - Pouring concrete in the bottom of the rubber tanks is something you can do without needing the cement truck to come to your place. Simply buy your own Portland cement mix, combine it with gravel and water, and pour it into the bottom of your tank yourself. It takes about 1/2 yard of cement to cover the bottom of an 8' tank.

Bentonite - Bentonite can be used as a temporary way to seal the bottom when it may be too cold to pour concrete or the tank is going to be moved after a short period of time.

Watering Valve Assemblies

We carry two kinds of valves for all your application needs.

Robert Float Valve
The Robert Float Valve is made by Robert Manufacturing Co. It features a unique stem and swivel arrangement float assembly that prevents damage from livestock nuzzling. The assemblies consist of a valve, stem, swivel and float ball. They are a high volume valve and are available in 3/4" and 1" sizes. The 3/4" valve puts out 21 gallons per minute at 35 PSI. The 1" valve puts out 43 gallons per minute at 35 PSI. These valves also carry a 5 year warranty.

Robert Float Valve Assembly Diagram

Hudson Valve
The Hudson Watering Valve can be used when using a hydrant to fill your tank. The unique patented design of the Hudson valve uses fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close the valve. The valve body is made of durable glass-filled nylon 6/6. Internal parts are of ABS plastic, silicone, and stainless steel. This valve also has a bracket that allows for quick, easy mounting at the end of a standard 3/4" water hose. The Hudson Valve is guaranteed for two years when used under normal operating conditions.

Hudson Valve   Hudson Valve

Rubber Tire Tank with Hudson Valve Assembly

Improve calf access to water:
In order to make the tank accessable to calves. Cut a railroad tie in half and to nail it together. The calves will then be able to step onto it to reach over the tank. The cows will stay off the tie, making room for the calves.

Railroad ties make excellent calf access points


Why use rubber tanks instead of others?

  • Cement, bentonite or steel plates are used for bottoms.
  • If steel plates are installed, they have a handy hook in the center to pick them up and to move them around.
  • Portable tanks are made with steel bottoms.
  • You can lag screw floats to the side of the tank.
  • Easy to install center feed and heat riser with drains and overflows.
  • Livestock can't damage when pushing or stepping on them.
  • Safe on livestock - fabric tires are used in production.
  • They can be installed in the winter no matter how cold, by using bentonite.
  • Water tanks are 4 to 6 inches thick for good insulation during cold months.
  • We have several stocked dealers. Delivery is also available from our Production Headquarters.
  • 5' to 13' sizes are available. We can also produce tanks to your specifications.

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